Uncapping Roller



Uncapping Roller is a quick and easy way to uncap your combs when harvesting honey. There are multiple separate rollers that can rotate independently of each other. Simply run the rollers over the surface of the combs to pierce the caps, then use heat/gravity or an extractor to release the honey. The positioning of each tine is optimized to release the honey while minimizing damage to the honeycomb.

The end collars and all rollers can be removed for cleaning. Uncapping Roller parts can be washed in the top of the dishwasher on low heat and the handle just rinsed. The rollers and collars are aluminum and stainless steel.

It's a nice, compact design that allows you to run over uneven honeycomb surfaces easily and very quickly.


Technické parametry

Technical parameters:

  • Number of gear wheels: 18 - 19pcs
  • Diameter: 33mm
  • Shot length: 71mm
  • Material: plast, laserem řezaný hliníkový plech tloušťky 0,8mm


Obsah balení

Package contents:

  • 1x Uncapping Roller


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